xlaFORM Introduces a Non-Hazardous Automated Post Processing Solution for the World’s Fastest Prototyping Machines.

ZCorporation has long been the low cost full color, speed kings of the ever expanding rapid prototyping industry. Now there is an automated system for the critical post processing steps involved with their powder based systems. In the past ZCorp parts were infused one part at a time with chemicals like Cyanoacrylate, commonly called super glue or a two part short pot life epoxy. Our chemist has developed a custom designed non hazardous thermoset resin to be used specially for our patented infusion process. This allows for batches of parts to be infused with a touch of a button. The xlaFORM infusion system is the answer to keep labor costs down and to accelerate your engineering, development and marketing departments.

It is automated throughout the process, as you infuse and drain in our electronically programmed infusion system. Then thermally cure in a forced air oven. The next step is up to you… physical testing, plastic injection mold making, direct manufacturing, rapid tooling or just unbelievable prototype parts.

xlaFORM Pro System