High Performance, High Speed Prototyping every company can afford.

xlaFORMís new composite technology reflects a combination of the best in high performance and high speed rapid prototyping systems. Imagine your 3D CAD models effortlessly evolve overnight into functional prototypes or rapid tooling. With xlaFORM, your vision becomes reality.

xlaFORM prototypes are ZCorporation powder based rapid thermoset composites, with increased chemical, temperature, and impact resistance. Our patented* non-hazardous process divides and separates the infusion and the curing phase. This allows for complete resin infusion throughout the part geometry regardless of size. This has previously been impossible with the widely used room temperature curing products for infiltration, such as cyanoacrylate and epoxy. Simply put, our affordable, automated resin infusion systems, coupled with any of the lightning quick ZCorp 310, 510 or 810 rapid prototyping machines, yield results that appear at the speed of thought.

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